What we do

Retrouge is not just about selling and buying furniture, it is mostly about our creative imagination and rethinking of a furniture design. We are a unique webpage in Hungary where you can find new inspiration in connection with the old. If you find something you like, please leave us a message and inquire about the furniture because there is a possibility that we can make your piece of furniture in different colors (even if the furniture is out of stock).

Shipping information
We ship only in Europe. Small products will be shipped in a week. As for the bigger pieces of furniture we use an expert shipping company and in this case it takes max. 2 weeks to deliver the product. If it’s necessary, costs and details will be discussed with you in time.

Delivering the products to you in perfect condition is our priority. Therefore, the packaging is always different. It depends on the order subjects, their size and materials.

Personal pick-up
Any products you are interested in can be picked up from our warehouse. Contact us for more information please.

All prices mentioned under the products are without any shipping, packing, upholstery or restoration costs. If you would like to add changes to the state of the furniture, we are open for discussion and the price will be discussed accordingly. All products are shipped, after the payment was issued.

Payment methods
– PayPal account
– Bank transfer
– Cash payment (personal pick up only)